Procurement specialist
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1、 Responsible for the company's product procurement and feedback of market information timely;

2、 Responsible for the supply of raw and auxiliary materials for the company's production, established the procurement ledger, organized and coordinated the timely supply of main raw materials under the premise of ensuring the quality;

3、 Responsible for the evaluation of the quality assurance system of the original and auxiliary parties, contract review and quality tracking of contract maintenance;

4、 Collect and file supplier qualifications.


1. College degree or above, at least 1 year working experience as purchasing assistant or purchasing specialist.

2. Strong sense of enterprise, responsibility, organizational ability, communication and coordination ability, initiative, strong sense of team work.

Salary and Benefits:

1. Salary: 5-8K

2. Benefits: single and double week + paid vacation + meal supplement + accommodation subsidy + group construction + full attendance + performance bonus + social security + holiday benefits + commercial insurance


1. Working place: Floor 6, Unit 3, Building 5, Xiawei Chuangye Industrial Park, Sha 3rd Road, Shajing Street, Bao 'an District, Shenzhen

2. Working time: 8:30-12:00am, 14:00-18:00pm

3. Contact person: Ms. Li 15881970126 (wechat number) 0755-23310489 And Mr. Wang 15817016182